matter and memory


Nietzsche's Active Forgetting

When Nietzsche suggests that the future depends on the forgetting of the past, he does not mean that the one who forgets the past automatically has a future. He means, rather, that the very taking place of an event depends on forgetting.

“行动被压缩时,记忆展开;行动展开时,记忆压缩” 只有在不注意精神世界时才能行动


Nietzsche's Active Forgetting

There is a degree of sleeplessness, of rumination, of the historical sense, which is harmful and ultimately fatal to the living thing, whether this living thing be a man or a people or a culture. (UD 62)

The unhistorical and the historical are necessary in equal measure for the health of an individual, of a people and of a culture. (63)


提取时需要的线索,被称为记忆线索。 语义线索:意思相关、多义字相关、可能谐音也在这一类 情绪线索:一个正在发生的情绪可能会带来一组过往相同情绪时的回忆 上下文线索:🧠会匹配出来似曾相识